Umai Sushi - Story


Lead Staff

Jinsoo Ko
Sushi Executive Chef

Dongheon Lee
Sushi Sous-Chef

Eungbyung Jung
Chef de partie

Jusun Hong

Hongu Jun
Kitchen Executive Chef


umai sushi

Welcome to Umai Sushi - Nanaimo.
In a global world where borders are becoming seamless, we strive to satisfy your every sushi craving with a modern twist to it at a very affordable price, while using the freshest and finest ingredients available. We bring the fine casual dining to our clients. Whether you are in need of quick sushi fix or to dine under the everlasting cherry blossom, we've got you covered. 

- We wholeheartedly believe in responsible and sustainable fishing practices.
- Around 20 million disposable chopsticks are cut each year from 20 million, 20 year-old trees. because of this crazy fact, we go to great length to ensure to recycle our chopsticks in-house.
- Our restaurant is committed to use 10% of our annual gas allocated to use Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). Renewable Natural Gas is a locally produced, carbon neutral energy source. 


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